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I have read A LOT over the past few months, mainly about ohms law, and other electrical properties. A lot of times I see newer guys (like myself) wanting to jump into RBA's and such but not really knowing why ohm's law is so important or even what ohm's law is. So I sat down with my uncle who is an electrician at a nuclear power plant and he explained a lot to me and here is my best explanation for anyone out there who is interested.

So, for starters we need to know Ohm's law. Ohm's law consists of the 3 main electrical properties.

V = Voltage

I = Current

R = Resistance

Voltage is defined as the difference in electrical potential. So if you have a 9V battery the difference between Post A (positive) and Post B (negative) would be 9V difference. Voltage is measured in Volts.

Current is the rate at which electrons flow. Current is measured in Amperes 1 Ampere = 1000 Milli-amperes

Resistance is an objects opposition to the flow of electricity (Imagine a car broke down on a 2 lane road, the broke down car is causing traffic to slow down much like resistance, the more cars broke down the slower traffic will go, meaning the higher the resistance the slower electricity will flow)

Ohm's Triangle will be useful.

So here we go. From ohm's triangle knowing what VIR is we know that


I= V/R

R= V/I

Now how does this tie into vaping? Well we have V I R. But what about P or power. That's where Wattage comes in. This is where things get tricky so try and stick with me.

First off we find wattage with this formula. Wattage = V²/R

But how is wattage or P important?

Well the more P you have the more heat you will produce and in turn the more vapor and sometimes flavor you will receive. So knowing how division works we know that the lower your resistance the higher your wattage will be. This is also why vapes like to know the Voltage of their battery. The lower the volts go the lower the wattage will in turn go as well. This is also how things get dangerous. Too high on the wattage and you could short out a battery or pop a coil in one push of a button. Too low and well... nothing. Aside all batteries are made to handle specific loads. Hence why sub ohm vaping is so hard/ dangerous. With the proper knowledge and batteries you can greatly lower (never eliminate and i repeat NEVER eliminate) risk.

But what are the right type of batteries. Well it depends on what you want to do. If you are not interested in sub ohm then your choices are broader and the concern for safety risk is much lower. as long as you stay about 1.1-1.3 ohms you are pretty much always going to be in the generally safe zone. I say generally safe because safety is never guaranteed when working with electricity.

Now for sub Ohm, you will need batteries with a high max continuous discharge rate. Now here is where things get confusing because Ohm's law is super important here. All batteries are rated for a Amp output. Using Ohm's Law we take V/R to find I (or amps) now since we still want a high wattage to make more vape we need a battery with a high rater draw.

So i'll break it down here. We have a battery that spends most of its time at 3.7 V We want to lower resistance to increase our wattage. But in turn that will increase the amount of current we draw. So if we have a 3.7V battery set up with .8 Ohms R

3.7/.8 = 4.62 amperes with a wattage of 17.11. Which would be a good vape. And with a 10 Amp rated battery we would be keeping it in the safe zone but lets say you wanted to go 0.3 resistance you would be left with a 12.3 amp draw, which is over what the battery is rated for meaning you are in the red zone. Which is bad. So you would need to increase your recommended draw rating.

This all sounds confusing but once you sit down a spend a little while looking at it, it will slowly make more and more sense and you will get the hang of it. Also sorry if I left something out or explained something weird. I was typing as my uncle was talking and may have gotten side tracked. This is not a complete guide on how to set up your atty's or anything just basically a general starting point/ understanding of how things work and what everything means and mainly to ALWAYS BE SAFE.  

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