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TKO Starter Kit

TKO Starter Kit 650 mAh Battery + Tank + Charger

Availability: Out of stock


Kit includes: 650 mAh battery, C4 clearomizer, USB twist charger & silicone E-cig holder Zoom


Our introduction to vaping has a new look! Check out these new starter kits, complete with a TKO gift box. Includes a 650 mAh battery in the color of your choice, a disposable C4 tank, a handy twist USB charger, and a silicone suction e-cig holder. NOTE: TKO Vapor will always have the color of battery you want. Introducing new colored wraps for our Starter Kits.
*Batteries come pre-wrapped with color of your choice.
Forest Green
Royal Blue
Tank and silicon suction holder colors will be based upon inventory.

Affordable and packaged in a white TKO Vapor box (if you choose a black of silver battery, you will get a black TKO Vapor gift box), this kit is the perfect gift for that person in your life who you wish would stop smoking, and start vaping —even if that person is you!
Also, for those new to vaping, don't forget to check out the Anatomy of an E-Cigarette!

Electronic Cigarettes are electronic devices, many electronic devices contain a battery which may fail. The results of battery failure can be potentially harmful, as certain types of batteries may expand or leak, resulting in personal injury or death. If you use an electronic cigarette, it is recommended that you do not leave it charging while unattended. It is also recommended that electronic cigarettes be treated as any other delicate electronic device to avoid damage to the battery, other components, or harm to yourself. Electronic cigarettes should not be left inside a vehicle unattended, which could expose the battery contained in an electronic cigarette to temperatures over 110 degrees causing failure.

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